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Event Calendar

Members Only Event            Indicates Members Only Events

Reservations Required            Indicates Reservations Required

(To make a reservation call 215-925-2688 or email unless other instructions are given)

2018 Winter-Spring Events Brochure

March 20 3:00PM Closing at 3:00pm due to snow.
March 21   Closed to due snow.
March 28 5:30PM Performative Politics in the Decorative Arts: Jane Irish and Catherine Whalen in Conversation.  Athenaeum Shareholders Only.  Additional Information
March 30   Closed for Good Friday
April 9 5:30PM 203rd Annual Meeting.  Athenaeum Shareholders Only.  Save the Date.
April 10 11:00AM Socrates Cafe Discussion Group.  RSVP to Gil Feinberg at
April 24 5:30PM Athenaeum Literary Awards.  Save the Date.
April 27 2:30PM Society Hill-Hot and Healthy! "365 Ways to Get a Good Night's Sleep" Additional Information
May 8 11:00AM Socrates Cafe Discussion Group.  RSVP to Gil Feinberg at
May 11-12   "Paul Cret and Modern Classicism" Symposium.  Registration Information
May 14 5:30PM Piffaro, the Renaissance Band.  Athenaeum Shareholders Only. Additional Information
May 28   Closed for Memorial Day